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Social Conscience

People First Approach

Brij Desings has grown as the India’s largest exporter of ready-made garments, working with world’s well-known and biggest brands in the garments industry. Our constant endeavor is to serve our clients the best quality with a mantra of people-first Company. We thank our team for exhibiting trust and we strive to continue working hard and revolutionizing the world with innovative, positive social and sustainable business approaches.

We know the importance of employees working with us. They are the gems of our organization. We endeavor to be a socially responsible company for the growth of our employees in terms of their personal and professional development with continuous learning. We strongly believes that a company should respect for human values first. Therefore lots of social and environmental initiatives taking place across our organization and affecting our every employee.​

  • Training Sessions for Employees

  • Job Opportunities for Disabled People (Deaf and Dumb)

  • Basic Health and Medical Facility for Employees

  • Personal Advancement in terms of Technology

  • Life-skill training programs for Female Workers

  • Awareness Programs to protect human rights

  • Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal towards Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace

  • ICC (Internal Complaint Committee) session every three month for Women Workers

Opportunities for Disabled Person

Create opportunities for physically disabled and hired deaf and dumb. Make them feel accepted and welcomed and focused on their abilities, instead of disabilities. 

Women Empowerment

Let them work in a secure environment under ICC. Arranged certification-based skill building programs and employment opportunities to rural women.

Personal Development

Initiate various programs and training for skill development. Always welcome new and creative project ideas given by employees.

Professional Development

Help workers to learn new technologies and skills through our skill-based training, induction and monitoring programs.

Helping the Deaf and Mute Job Seekers to Get Employment


Employment is an important factor in everyone’s life. Every citizen willing to work should have a job. A good satisfactory job at the right age makes a person independent.

And, results in a happy and satisfying family life. Dependence on others for a living lowers the self-esteem of the person. The deaf or the hard of hearing are no different. They have an equal right to employment suiting their ability.

We at Brij Designs believes in a saying that "deaf and mute person can do anything a normal person can".

We welcome disable people (deaf and mute) as our permanent employees and help them learning technical skills.

Women Empowerment

We at Brij Desings, know that when a woman is educated and skilled, she also makes a family and society educated and skilled. So, we always conduct comprehensive skill based training programs for our women employees. We know that our workers also wants to fly high and fulfill their dreams to be emotionally and financially independent.


And, for this we provide life-skill workshop for their personal and professional development. The main agenda of training programs are usually work towards developing their confidence and problem solving, decision making, time and stress management, interpersonal skills and communication improvement etc.

Such training let our female workers to think in a different way of living. Now, they are more confident than before, have a strong communication, boosted self-esteem, able to set goals for future and make better financial decisions.

Sports and Fitness

Organizations often forget that their employees are their foundation stones or can say main pillars and in their wellbeing, lies the wellbeing of the organization. Employees used to deal with the hustle bustle in a stressful environment and always ignore their important aspects of their lives specially health.

But, we at Brij Designs takes care of our employees’ mental as well as physical health. We know that healthy, happy and fit employees are an asset to any organization. So, we don’t let our employees to lack the physical exercise which invariably leads to poor health. We ensure that they include physical exercise in their routine by hosting weekly cricket match to let go the weekly stress of chasing deadlines.

Our mission is to create a thriving work environment by offering health and fitness perks to our employees. Our company cricket team bonding strong together outside of the office and opening doors for personal team building and connections. This way our employees subconsciously instills the importance of goal setting, commitment and follow-through.

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Employee Achievement

totaram ji with computer.jpg

It is almost unbelievable for Totaram Ji that how much progress he has made at Brij Designs. He don't know about the computer and how to operate it. But, nowadays he's operating all his work via computer instead manual data entry.

"Brij Deisngs has given me a chance to grow professionally and personally. I have never seen computer in my life. But, Brij Designs has given me a chance to learn it. It's a big achievement for me to work on computer. Now, I am a technically sound person with a boosted self-esteem and wide smile on my face. - Totaram - Fabric Store Incharge"

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